Kourosh Knit Dresses

Kourosh Knit Dresses

Kourosh New York is a stunning brand of women’s suits made in the United States. These luxurious women’s knits are perfect for a wide variety of occasions like weddings, church, business meetings, interviews, and dinner parties. High quality materials and the finest yarns are used. These unique styles are customizable and can easily transition from day to night. The collections under the brand Kourosh New York include Teriku, Kourosh, Royalty, and KNY.

History of Kourosh New York

These gorgeous women’s knits have been designed by Kourosh Tehrani since the mid 90s. His brand was previously under the name Terani Knit and was renamed shortly after gaining success. These hand knitted dresses, pants, jackets, and skirts are crafted in New York, the fashion capital of the world.

Style for Every Woman

Kourosh New York designs are customizable and available in a variety of sizes so that they fit your body perfectly. This brand carries sizes 0 to 44 as well as petite sizes. These flattering styles will complement any body type and style needs. The wide variety of silhouettes, colors and embellishments will allow you to select the perfect look for you that you will feel gorgeous, comfortable, and confident in.

Silhouettes for All Occasions

These women’s suits make perfect pageant suits that are sure to make you look classy and stylish at an interview. You will stand out and look graceful and understated in one of these interview suits. Many of these suits are also perfect for Sunday church and religious services with flattering yet conservative cuts of jackets, boleros, sweaters, tops, cardigans, pencil skirts, and dresses. There also are sexy and provocative dresses that have scoop and low plunging necklines that still feature the same hand knit texture. Try the scoop neck knit dress with diagonal bands of sprinkled rhinestones and pearls. Many of Kourosh New York’s stunning ensembles feature luminous rhinestones, beading, sequins and embroideries that will make you look grand and opulent. Try a jacket with a rain drop rhinestone design on hems and cuffs or spray beading. A sparkling beaded belt or a belt with a bow will instantly enhance and define your waist. There are many design details that make these seemingly simple styles look effortlessly chic. Bold buttons and contrast trims and piping will instantly set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Flap pockets add texture while ruffled hems and edges add a feminine touch. Try a jacket with a fur collar for an extra lavish look.

A Rainbow of Stunning Color Choices

These dresses, suits, and knitwear are available in more than 100 color choices as well as variety of patterns for whatever style suits your mood or needs. There are many bright and fun color options such as periwinkle, royal, sour apple, pumpkin, fuchsia, graphite, emerald, yellow, French navy, black, midnight, violetta, eggplant, seal brown, dark camel, gold brocade, orange, red, shocking pink, fern, turquoise, white, fisherman, light grey, alabaster, salmon, inca sky, and coral. Sparkling metallic knits are also available and come in many shades that will make you look radiant. These hues include platinum, silver, gold, white/AB iris, black/gold, black/red, black/bronze, fisherman/gold, black/silver, black/violetta, pink/AB iris, light grey/AB, black/turquoise, black/emerald, and white/silver. With so many choices available it is easy to pick any shade that flatters your skin, hair, and eyes the best.

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